RZK Esp / 901 / The Herzeleid Guitar for sale!


This is the most important guitar ever in the world of Rammstein. This is  Richard Kruspes first ESP 901, the one he bought in Frankfurt after the wall went down.

This is the guitar that started it all. The one that was used to record "Herzeleid". You can see the use of this guitar for example in the "Flüstern und Schreien" documentary, where parts of the recording of Herzeleid are shown. The Nato 1994 footage also shows him playing this guitar exclusively. This guitar was played extensively in the early days of Rammstein. You can see it in EVERY recording.
After extensive use, Richard used it in the studio. In the middle of the 2000s, Richard wanted to resurrect the guitar for future Rammstein live use. He exchanged the black pickguard for a white one and added active EMG pickups.
For every serious Rammstein fan / collector, this is the holy grail. The guitar that started it all.
Please send in your offer.
Guitar can of course be signed and personalised, photo of Richard with the guitar can also be done at request for the buyer.
If this guitar could speak...

LINK: http://www.vintageandrare.com/product/Esp-901-The-Herzeleid-Guitar-Sunburst-55437
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