Rammstein - Mein Teil (Int'l Weekly Showreel 27.04 DVD)

Title: International Weekly Showreel 27.04
Notice: Promotional DVD containing various of videos, including "Mein Teil" as featured track.
Condition: Very good.

Catalogue Number: 27/04
Barcode: n/a
Matrix: 00095 51513 246 51 01 * 51514419
00095 51513 246 50 01 * 51514417
Factory: n/a
Labelcode: n/a
Copyright: n/a
Country US & Europe

Various - New Industries (Compilation)

Title: New Industries
Notice: Contains the 4th version of "Das Alte Leid". It is different from the album version, demo version and the "Du riechst so gut" promo version. Not all copies came with the Rammstein track - It was actually removed and re-released. It was mastered from a DAT-tape.
Condition: As new.

Catalogue Number: DY 9-2
Barcode: 4006030600926
Matrix: DY 92 MPO 01 @@ 1 01
Factory: n/a
Labelcode: (Dynamica)
Copyright: n/a
Country Germany

Rammstein - Benzin (Danish Promo)

Title: Benzin
Notice: Danish promo. Sent out to promote the upcoming single release!
Condition: Brand new.

Catalogue Number: 9874094
Barcode: n/a
Matrix: 06024 987 409-4 01 * 51645597
Factory: Made in Germany by EDC
Labelcode: LC 01846 (Universal)
Copyright: n/a
Country Denmark

Rammstein - DIAS 1997 (Olaf Heine)

Title: DIAS Olaf Heine
Notice: Original DIA images (Slides) from 06/97 which were taken by the photographer Olaf Heine.
The organizer sent out these press pictures to the venue (Nordseehalle, Emden, Germany) 26.09.1997. They remained in the hall of the venue for years.
Condition: As new.

Rammstein - Interview Disc 1 (Promo)

Title: Interview Disc 1
Notice: Official promotional item which contains 17 questions and answers by Till Lindemann and Flake Lorenz. The questions is located in the inlay while the answers are on the disc. Each answer is translated to English by another person. This item is currently very rare and there exists 3 different versions. The artwork is taken from the single "Mein Teil".
Condition: As new.

Catalogue Number: RRINT01
Barcode: n/a
Matrix: RRINT01 01
Factory: Made in the UK
Labelcode: (Universal)
Copyright: n/a
Country Europe