Frequently asked questions

How can I contact you?
 You can contact me at contact (at)

Can you help me to validate the authenticity of an item?
 Yes of course. Send me an email along with a photo to contact (at)

What is the purpose of this website?
 This website is used to display my private collection in order to document the Rammstein history.
 It is also used to help other collectors finding information about the releases.

Do you know the band or how to get in contact with them?
 This website is not affiliated nor endorsed by Rammstein.
 You can contact the management, Rammstein GbR, here.

Can I use your images?
 Not without contacting me first.
 The images are taken/edited in a way to avoid copying/printing with respect to the copyright owners.  
 With respect to the copyright owners I will remove or re-edit images when requested.

Can you make a digital copy of an item?
 No, this would be illegal without the copyright-owners approval.

Can you make a scan of an item?
 Unfortunately, no. I can't make any scans because they could be used for re-production or any other kind of  copyright-abuse.

Can I buy any item on this website?
 No, nothing in my private collection is for sale.
 However I do help other collectors get in touch with eachother for buying/selling purposes.

Is the information on this website reliable?
 This website contains mostly my own conclusions and observations over the years.
 I always try to validate all information via my network.

Do you support copyright abuse or any other kind of illegal activity?
 No, everything you see on the website was purchased from auctions, friends, collectors and contacts after release date.
 I don't support any activity that might harm the band, the label or the management in any way.

Can you remove my comment?
 Yes, be specific about the comment that you want to be removed. You must be the author of the comment.
 You are responsible for what you comment, please do not post anything illegal.
 I reserve the right to delete inappropriate comments.

I want to write a news-article about Rammstein, can you supply me with information?
 Yes, be sure to contact me at contact (at)

Need more information?
 You can contact me at: contact (at)