Rammstein - Riech! (Promotional box)

Title: RIECH!
Notice: Promotional box.
Condition: As new

This is the famous "Riech!" box released back in 1995 to promote both the album "Herzeleid" and the single "Du Riechst so Gut". The box contains Herzeleid CD, Du Riechst so Gut '95 Duftdigipack, Calvin Klein obsession perfume, Motor Music GmbH press sheets and comes in a custom box. It's speculated to be limited to about 250ex.
The concept behind "Du Riechst so Gut" from both Rammstein and in particular their former manager Emanuel Fialik (Pilgrim Management GmbH) was to create a unique image. This involves the marketing, the music but also the visual appearance of the band. From the beginning Emanuel wasn't interested in working with Rammstein but he changed his mind after being persuaded to see them live and remained their manager from 1994 all the way up to 2010.
"Riech!" was the result of Emanuel's ideas and concept for the band. A time era which Richard Kruspe described like this:“How would I sum up that period in our lives? We had to go through it to get to where we are today".

Till Lindemann - Shure SM58 microphone

Title: Shure SM58 microphone
Notice: This Shure SM58 microphone has been used on stage by Till Lindemann and was later signed to me! The microphone has a lot of wear, but it has been used by Till, so what to expect? ;-)
Condition: Used.

Rammstein - Official Tour plan book: "Festival Tour 2016"

Title: Official Tour plan book: "Festival Tour 2016"
Notice: Used to guide the workers during the 2016 "Festival Tour".
Contains contact details for all workers, information about all hotels, travel times, booking information, etc etc. for concert days, days off and travel days.
Some information was censored by me.
Condition: Good.

Till Lindemann & Richard Kruspe - Schtiel (3" Digipack)

Title: Schtiel
Notice: The real version of 'Schtiel'. It is factory-pressed and sourced from the band Aria.
Condition: Very good.

This single was released August 30th, 2003, at the Harley Davidson 100th year celebration party in Moscow, Russia. It was handed out in a very limited amount and only certain people were invited to participate at the party - an invitation was obligatory. This single was not authorized by the label so the band received reprimands for actually releasing this single. "Schtiel" is a cover of the song "Shtil" by the Russian metal band Aria. On the disc there is the Schtiel track and also a Miller beer-commercial.
This single is inredibly rare and is considered to be one of the most rare Rammstein items that exists.
My copy is sourced from Aria.

Be aware of any fake versions on eBay or Discogs. There are about 3-4 different fake-versions and they are all home-made CD-R copies. You can always contact me for an honest evaluation.

Das Elegante Chaos - Lyrik (Pre-Rammstein) CD

Title: Das Elegante Chaos - Lyrik CD
Notice: Pre-Rammstein CD featuring Richard Kruspe, Andreas Griel, Olaf Adrian and Gert Reichelt.
Condition: Brand new.

Catalogue Number: db 038 / CD 038 PE
Barcode: n/a
Matrix: n/a
Factory: n/a
Labelcode: (Dachboden Records)
Copyright: Privat-Edition
Country Germany