Richard Kruspe - Guitar Bracelet Stockholm 2019

Title: Guitar Bracelet Stockholm, 2019.
Notice: Bracelet made of strings used by Richard Kruspe.
From Stockholm Stadion, Stockholm, Sweden 2019-08-14.
925 Silver. Magnetic Closure. RZK Logo with black finish.
Made in Germany.
Condition: Brand new.

Till Lindemann - Stilla Nätter (Book)

Title: Stilla Nätter
Notice: Swedish version of "In Stillen Nächten".
Vertigo Förlag 2019.
Condition: Brand new.

Rammstein - Keine Lust (Patch)

Title: Keine Lust
Notice: Patch from the Reise Reise era.
Condition: As new.

Rammstein - Leather Wallet (Stadium Tour 2019)

Title: Leather Wallet (RS01)
Notice: The wallet was possible to buy during a few shows at the "Stadium Tour" 2019. This one was purchased at the show in Olympiastadion, Berlin 19-06-22. Really nice product with high quality.
Condition: Brand new.

Rammstein - Backstage items (Berlin, Olympiastadion 2019)

Title: Berlin, Olympiastadion 2019.
Notice: Backstage items.
Condition: As new.