Till Lindemann - Shure SM58 microphone

Title: Shure SM58 microphone
Notice: This Shure SM58 microphone has been used on stage by Till Lindemann and was later signed to me! The microphone has a lot of wear, but it has been used by Till, so what to expect? ;-)
Condition: Used.

Orgasm Death Gimmick - Democassette (1991)

Title: Orgasm Death Gimmick - Democassette #1 (1991)
Notice: Richard Kruspe's band before Rammstein. One song later became the song "Sehnsucht".
This cassette is sourced from a Orgasm Death Gimmick concert in Rostock (MAU Club Bl├╝cherstra├če) in the early 90s. My source played in a band who used to play with Orgasm Death Gimmick and Feeling B
Condition: As new.

Catalogue Number: n/a
Barcode: n/a
Matrix: n/a
Factory: n/a
Labelcode: n/a
Copyright: n/a
Country Germany

Rammstein - 1994 t-shirt (First logo & first t-shirt)

Title: 1994 t-shirt.
Notice: Rammstein's first t-shirt ever.
Condition: Never used, brand new.

It was self-made and distributed by the band themselves back in 1994.
The logo and and the font was abandoned at the end of 1994, while meeting the German designer Dirk Rudolph, who changed everything regarding the font and design.

Till Lindemann's personal T-shirt (Hurricane/Southside 2016)

Title: Till Lindemann's personal t-shirt
Notice: Signed by Till Lindemann. This is his personal artist t-shirt for Hurricane/Southside festival 2016.
Condition: As new.

Rammstein - Live Aus Berlin (Autogrammkarte)

Title: Live Aus Berlin
Notice: Official postcard from the Live aus Berlin era.
The signatures are printed/engraved.
Condition: As new.