Rammstein - Weihnachtskarte 2018 (Christmas card)

Title: Weihnachtskarte 2018
Notice: Christmas card from the Rammstein-shop.
The card came with orders during the beginning of December 2018.
Condition: Brand new.

Emigrate - Autogrammkarte (Postcard)

Title: Emigrate - Autogrammkarte
Notice: Official postcard from 2007.
The signature is printed.
Condition: Brand new.

Hänsel & Gretel - Show folder

Title: Hänsel & Gretel
Notice: Folder from the show with pictures and lyrics. Includes a card.
The show features Lindemann songs.
Condition: Brand new.

Rammstein - Ein Mensch Brennt (T-shirt)

Title: "Ein Mensch Brennt"
Notice: Official t-shirt featuring lyrics from "Rammstein". Sold in 1997.
Condition: Very good.

Emigrate - A Million Degrees (Limited LP)

Title: Emigrate - A Million Degrees
Notice: Limited EU LP. Includes download-code.
Condition: Sealed.

Catalogue Number: 6777339
Barcode: 0602567773399
Matrix: Info soon.
Factory: Info soon.
Labelcode: Info soon.
Copyright: Info soon,
Country Europe