Rammstein - Deutschlandtour 2001 (Book)

Title: Deutschlandtour 2001
Notice: 53 pages paperback book.
Exclusively sold at the Rammsteinshop a few years back.
Condition: Very good.

Rammstein - Wiener Blut (Wine)

Title: Wiener Blut
Notice: Red CuvĂ©e wine. 0,75L (13,5% Vol.)
Purchase link here.
Condition: Brand new.

Flake - It's the World's Birthday Today (Book // Vinyl)

Title: Flake - It's the World's Birthday Today
Notice: Limited pre-order edition from Rare Bird.
Signed book and vinyl audiobook.
Condition: Brand new.

Lindemann - Autogrammkarte (Postcard)

Title: Lindemann - Autogrammkarte
Notice: Version with no printed signatures.
Condition: Brand new.

Rammstein - Europe Stadium Tour 2019-2020 / Klean Kanteen

Title: Europe Stadium Tour 2019/2020
Notice: Official high quality Klean Kanteen bottle intended for the 2019/2020 tour.
As far as I know, these were only distributed to people working with the band.
Condition: Brand new.