Till Lindemann & Richard Kruspe - Schtiel (3" Digipack)

Title: Schtiel
Notice: The real version of 'Schtiel'. It is factory-pressed and sourced from the band Aria.
Condition: Very good.

The single was released at the ”Harley Davidson” 100th year celebration party in Moscow 2003.
Only certain people were invited to participate at the party and an invitation were obligatory.
According to rumours on the net, ”Schtiel” was released in about 300-400 copies, but due to uncertain sources and the fact that this might be one of the most scarce Rammstein-related item out there, it's possible that there exists even less copies. On the disc there is the Schtiel song and also a Miller beer-commercial.
My copy is sourced from the Russian heavy metalband "Aria" which made the original song.

Be aware of any fake versions on eBay or Discogs. There are about 3-4 different fake-versions and they are all home-made CD-R copies. You can always contact me for an honest evaluation.

Catalogue Number: n/a
Barcode: n/a
Matrix: www.CDLabs.ru / Schtiel
Factory: "ООО "Астико-Центр" лицензия МПТР России ВАФ №77-40 IFPI UN14"
Labelcode: n/a
Copyright: n/a
Country Russia