Rammstein - Sehnsucht (Polish Promo with 2 infosheets)

Title: Sehnsucht
Notice: Polish promo cassette with 2 infosheets.
Condition: Very good.

"The album lasts 43 minutes and 58 seconds. If we’re talking about the contents, we meet again with crude/coarse riffs, just like on the previous record. However, “Sehnsucht” is much more melodic and much more living, than the previous one. It also contains more electronics, was mainly inspirited by the works of Ministry. In the text we deal again with the wide concept of love, also in extreme forms. The title songs is about the longing for the lover, “Engel” about not very happy angels, “Tier” about molestation (with some reference to zoophilia), “Bestrafe mich” and “Bück dich” are sadomasochistic confessions, “Alter Mann” is about passing, “Du hast” about negation of marriage so to say, “Spiel mit mir” about incest, “Klavier” about the murder of pianist, “Eifersucht” about widely understood jealousy and “Küss mich” about vagina. Let us also add, thet the last 2 tracks have never been played live (it’s year 2008 when I’m writing this text), though “Eifersucht” was part of the soundtrack to the film “Wing Commander: Prophecy”. “Alter Mann” was rarely played, replaced on the setlist in the course of time with “Wilder Wein” and “Klavier”. During the recording session some tracks, like “Kokain” or “Schwarzes Glass” (recorded once again), were rejected. On the various versions of the album appeared also another, later created songs: English versions of “Du hast” and “Engel”, “Stripped” and “Du riechst so gut” (about the last two ones we will be further speaking). The polish version of the album should be also mentioned, on which we can hear Till Lindemann speaking in Polish, as a bonus before the tracks, these sacramental words: “Hallo, cześć jesteśmy Rammstein. Pozdrawiamy całą Polskę I życzymy wielu miłych wrażeń w słuchaniu naszej nowej płyty, pod tytułem Sehnsucht” („Hallo, hi we are Rammstein. We’re greeting the entire Poland and we wish you a lot of nice experience, while listening to our new album, named “Sehnsucht”).

(Translation by Maria Magdalena Biedziak)

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Country Poland