Rammstein - Demotape (8-track - Confirmed Unofficial)

Title: Demo-Version 8-track
Notice: Unofficial democassette
Condition: Very good

Track #1: This song is made by a fan and have very bad quality on the cassette, this track is available in better quality on the net.
Basically the song is a loop of the 1:43 version but with additional drums.
I believe this track was originall mixed by a fan called "batonengel".
Track #2,3,4,6,7 are taken from the real 6-track democassette.
The 6-track democassette is the version which you will hear on youtube when you search for demo songs.
Track #5 is taken from the compilation CD "Time for a Cut" (http://bit.do/TFACRamm)
Track #8 is an extended version of "Feuerädder" which is made by a fan and originally featured on the bootleg CD "Die Schwarze Tanzen" (http://bit.do/DSTRamm)
This is enough evidence to prove that this is a fake item and all copies sold were in mint condition and sourced from the same seller - DO NOT buy this item.

"Up for auction is one of the rarest items in the world of Rammstein. This official 8-track demo tape was released in 1995 a long time before the release of "Herzeleid" Only around 30-50 were produced and sent out to journalists to feed them for the upcoming release.."
"8 Track, Original, Direkt von Labelvetriebfirma (Damals als Geschenk)"



01. Jeder Lacht
02. Der Riecher
03. Hallo-Hallo
04. Weisses Fleisch


05. Rammstein
06. Schwarzes Glas
07. Seemann
08. Feuerräder