Review | "Rammstein Remixes" 2016

"The Alambrix Rammstein Remixes" is an unofficial album which will be released early in 2016 by a Mexican RAMMSTEIN-fan.
It consists of 10 different tracks within the industrial/electro genre featuring remixed RAMMSTEIN tracks.
The album is the result of over 2 years of work and a donation campain on Fondeadora where interested people could donate money so that the album could be licensed and released on different legal platforms.

I was introduced to this album when watching the album-trailer on YouTube.

The album starts out with the song "Mein Teil" which we are all familiar with from the RAMMSTEIN album "Reise Reise" 2004, and it gives a really nice impression of the album.
The song has clear similarities with the version that RAMMSTEIN play live, especially the part where Till is rolling out the kettle with Flake in it. It is a very creative track made from scratch which should be played at a high volume, personally I'd go up 15-20% above my normal volume-level to really feel the vibes of the track that I think Alambrix wanted the listener to feel.
The second track of the album is "Ich Will" and it's a more soft-remix which is true to the original RAMMSTEIN track from the album "Mutter" 2001 and delivers a dancy vibe straight through.
In the next track we get back to the album "Reise Reise" once again and the song "Los" and it continues on the soft-path and as true to the original song as the previous track.
"Links 2-3-4" which originates from the album "Mutter", is where the album starts becoming more "heavy" again. One thing I really like about this track is the fact that we clearly can hear the guitar solo remixed early in the track, making the track feel very vibrant and never boring or blunt. Wow.

Now we get back to the roots with the track "Sehnsucht" from "Sehnsucht" 1997, this track reminds very much of the earlier remixes in the album such as "Ich Will" and "Los". It is very catchy and is a kind of remix that would fit listening too at any given time.
We continue on the "Sehnsucht"-theme and hit the track "Bück Dich", obviously as a RAMMSTEIN-fan I expect a heavy track and damn.. that's exactly what we got here. This track is as hammering as the original track, featuring additional guitars.

Track number seven is "Waidmanns Heil" from the album "Liebe ist für alle da" 2009. This tracks explores details from the original track, making it feel reborn but not exagerated. The trailer on YouTube describes the track very well.
Now, "Du Hast" from "Sehnsucht", the track that put RAMMSTEIN on the map for many of us back in the days. Before listening to this track I must mention that I've heard many remixes of this track with various amounts of directions, both heavy and soft.
Given this background, I'm happy to say that the remix is very electro and pretty soft, I don't think a track as "Du Hast" requires too much heavy-addons because this track is to RAMMSTEIN-fans already heavy as it is - This remix of "Du Hast" is most likely the best one I've heard so far because it's at an even level. Bass-level is perfect.

Two tracks to go. Let's start with "Sonne" from "Mutter" 2001. As the remix-title suggests, this song delivers a very dancy vibe. The first half feels "dark" and the second part feels "light", regarding the remixing itself, pleasant variation.
The last track, number 10, is no less then the controversial RAMMSTEIN-title "Pussy" from "Liebe ist für alle da". The original track was first broadcasted via an adult-website and I've never heard this track beeing a soft remix and the remix on this album was as I expected - heavy. In the end of the song we can hear the influences from the live-track from previous tours making it feeling as though I'm back in Copenhagen 2009 where I last saw RAMMSTEIN. You could easily sense that the producer of this remix album is a fan which knew which paths to take during the entire album.

This album is very creative and ambitious. I noticed this as soon as I found the project and felt obliged to donate during the Fondeadora-campaign and I was right, this album is exactly what the creator promised that it would be.
When playing this album - Make sure to use good equipment and also turning the volume up a bit to notice all the details and feel the vibe that the producer intended to deliver.
I strongly recommend RAMMSTEIN-fans buying this album if you like remixes of RAMMSTEIN-tracks and want to hear tracks that stays true to the original songs!

Rammsteincollector's rating: 9/10
+Synth, beats and drums
+Combination of heavy and soft tracks
+Variations of tracks ranging from different albums
+Influences from live-tracks
+Real guitars
+New melodies
+The elements
+Producer beeing a fan


01. Mein Teil // Well done remix
02. Ich Will // V.L.F. did it too remix
03. Los // The nameless remix
04. Links 2 3 4 // Electro-industrial remix
05. Sehnsucht // A nostalgic remix from Mexiko
06. Bück Dich // Electro VS Metal remix feat. VanValia
07. Waidmanns Heil // Meltdown remix
08. Du Hast // Until electro-death do us apart remix
09. Sonne // Industrial dance remix
10. Pussy // Un quickie freson remix

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RELEASE DATE: 2016-01-15
STORE: Bandcamp, iTunes, Google play, Spotify and more.