2016-05-28 // Rehearsal @ Black Box Music, Berlin, Germany

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Hello everyone! 28th of May 2016 I was one of the lucky few who were able to participate at one of the two Rammstein rehearsal-concerts at Black Box, Berlin, Germany. I will not write a full review about the show but I want to express the fact that Rammstein are so full of energy and power and I truly recommend every fan to visit them on this tour! I believe that the effects, the stage, the setlist and the performance by the band was so good and impressive that I was truly shocked and amazed! I was lucky enough to take a couple of pictures with the bandmembers and meet big and well-known fans from allover the world - This was truly one of the most amazing events of my life!

With all this said I want to thank everyone that I met at Black Box and also express how thankful I am that I was given this opportunity! Rammstein is smoking hot and explosive - Don't miss them out!