Rammstein - Reise, Reise (Fade-out tracks) Acetate CD

Title: Reise Reise (Fade-out Tracks)
Notice: EU advance CDr with snippets.
Condition: Very good.

Watermarked and numbered acetate CDr sent out in advance of the commercial release.
Some copies came with the recepients name written on the disc.
It's watermarked/traceable and XCP-protected which means it will not play in allmost any physical media player. XCP basically works as an extra layer controlling the in/out data of the disc.
Track #6 have some noises added from 0:00 to 0:28.
Track #7 is the single edition with the longer intro.
With this information we can conclude that they were initially intending on having the full intro of "Mein Teil" on the "Reise Reise" album.

Catalogue Number: n/a
Barcode: n/a
Matrix: n/a
Factory: n/a
Labelcode: (Universal Music)
Copyright: n/a
Country Europe