Herzeleid (dated German for "Heartache") is the debut album by German Neue Deutsche Härte band Rammstein. It was released on 29 September 1995.
The album's original cover depicted the band members' upper bodies without clothing. This caused critics to accuse the band of trying to sell themselves as "poster boys for the master race".
The direct translation of "Herzeleid" is "Heartache"; however, according to an interview on Talking Metal's podcast in 2007, Richard Kruspe stated that it doesn't translate to "Heartache", but in the German language, it simply means "Heartbreak".

Herzeleid [Ukrainian import] [529160-2]
Herzeleid [Indonesian import] [529160-2]
Herzeleid [Korean import] [Sealed] [DG 1849]
Herzeleid [UK Mispress] [529 160-2]
Herzeleid [US import] [314 529 160-2 IN03]
Herzeleid [US Cassette] [314 529 160-4]
Herzeleid [US Cassette] [314 529 160-4] [Sealed]
Herzeleid [Bertelsmann Club Edition] [36 152 7]
Herzeleid [German cassette][529160-2]
Herzeleid [German import] [First press] [529 160-2] [Version 1]
Herzeleid [German import] [First press] [529 160-2] [Version 2]
Herzeleid [German import] [First press] [529 160-2] [Version 3]
Herzeleid [German import] [First press] [529 160-2] [Version 4]
Herzeleid [German import] [First press] [Censored] [529 160-2]
Herzeleid [European RE] [529160-2]
Herzeleid [French import] [175812 MU 659]
Herzeleid [Russian cassette]
Herzeleid [Russian import]
Herzeleid [Polish cassette]
Herzeleid [Ukrainian cassette] Version 1
Herzeleid [Ukrainian cassette] Version 2
Herzeleid XXV [Digipak] [0602507334444]
Herzeleid XXV [Splatter Vinyl] [00602507485139]
Herzeleid XXV [Japanese Import] [UICY -15957]