Sehnsucht (German for "Longing", see Sehnsucht) is the second album by German industrial metal band Rammstein, released on 25 August 1997.
The album booklet folds out to reveal six different covers, one for each band member (each photo depicting the member with bizarre facial-wear made out of ordinary kitchen objects like spatulas, spoons, forks etc.). The cover most commonly seen features Till Lindemann with an egg-lifter worn as a muzzle and bent forks over his eyes worn as sunglasses.

Sehnsucht [Australian import] [2CD] [549 617-2, cd1: 559 443-2, cd2: 587 965-2]
Sehnsucht [Australian import] [12-track] [5594432]
Sehnsucht [Japanese import] [Sealed] [POCP-7299]
Sehnsucht [Canadian import] [Sealed] [314-539 901-2]
Sehnsucht [Korea import] [Sealed] [537 304-2 / DG3612]
Sehnsucht [NL Cassette] [Version1] [537 304-4] 
Sehnsucht [NL Cassette] [Version2] [537 304-4]
Sehnsucht [French import] [V1] [176612]
Sehnsucht [French import] [V2] [Digipack] [187952 MU 793]
Sehnsucht [French import] [V3] [Digipack glossy] [151682 MU 659]
Sehnsucht [French import] [V4] [XIII BIS RECORDS LIMITED BOX]
Sehnsucht [Limited Mexican Millennium edition] [539 901-2 (24)]
Sehnsucht [Mexican Promo CD-R]
Sehnsucht [EU Version w/ Universal Music sticker] [Sealed] [537 304-2]
Sehnsucht [German import] [Digipack] [539 635-2]
Sehnsucht [German T-shirtbox with CD] [Sealed]
Sehnsucht [German import] [Digipack] [Sealed] [539 635-2]
Sehnsucht [German import] [CENSORED COVER] [537 304-2] [FAKE]
Sehnsucht [German import] [CENSORED COVER] [537 304-2] [REAL]
Sehnsucht [German import + DRSG] [557 429-2]
Sehnsucht [German PROMO] [With infosheet] [ 537 304-2]
Sehnsucht [German VORABCASSETTE] [Promo] 
Sehnsucht [Mexican import] [Sealed] [539901-2 (24)] x2
Sehnsucht [US 2-track promo] [PRCD 7938-2]
Sehnsucht [US import] [314-539 901-2]
Sehnsucht [US import] [314-539 901-2] [Sealed]
Sehnsucht [US Promo][PRCD 7708-2]
Sehnsucht [US Promo VHS]
Sehnsucht [US Promo CD - Goldstamp & Holepunched barcode] [314-539 901-2] 
Sehnsucht [US CRC version] [P-2-39901] 
Sehnsucht [US BMG Direct version] [314-539 901-2]
Sehnsucht [First press] [537 304-4]
Sehnsucht [Second press] [537 304-2]
Sehnsucht [Chilean import][539901]
Sehnsucht [Russian import] [Sealed] [537 304-9]
Sehnsucht [Russian import - Version 2] [213101208]
Sehnsucht [Ukrainian] [New] [537 305-9]
Sehnsucht [Ukrainian cassette]
Sehnsucht [Turkish cassette] [537 304-4]
Sehnsucht [Polish cassette]
Sehnsucht [Polish cassette] [Till speaking intro]
Sehnsucht [Polish cassette] [Promo with 2 infosheets]
Sehnsucht [US cassette - Version 1] [Signed]
Sehnsucht [US cassette - Version 2]
Sehnsucht [Bulgarian cassette]
Sehnsucht [Russian cassette] [Version 1]
Sehnsucht [Russian cassette] [Version 2] [Sealed]
Sehnsucht [Chinese DSD bootleg] [Sealed]
Sehnsucht / Motor Music (Promo banner)
L'Integrale [French Promo VHS]