In 1994, Rammstein released some demos that are currently very rare.
Some are original songs and some are also demos that became songs on Rammstein's first album, Herzeleid.
These are the most well known demos found across the internet.
I have four different versions of the democassette.
One 3-track version, one 6-track version, one 8-track version and one 9-track version.
They were all used for promotion and distribution due to the release of the first album; "Herzeleid".
I've also got a Demo-VHS a unofficial LIFAD demo-CD and a various artist CD.

1995. Demo-Version (3-track)
1995. Demo-Version (6-track)
1995. Demo-Version (8-track)
1995. Demo-Rough (9-track)
1995. Time for a Cut: 12 Natural Born Thrillers
1995. A Journey Into Sound IV Tape 1
1996. Demo-Konzert (Arena, Berlin 1996)
2010. LIFAD Demos  (2 CD-R)